It's Winterish!!!..... :)
My go to smokes:<
Hammer & Sickle Hermitage
Everything Crowned Heads
H. Upmann Mag 50
Montecristo No.2
Kristoff GC
Herrera Esteli Norteno'
Tatuaje Avion

My favorite smokes:
Padron 1926
Padron 1964
Padron 6000
Tatauaje Avion - Damn it's so yummy!
Hammer and Sickle Hermitage
Kristoff GC - Maduro
CAO Brazilia
Crowned Heads - Jericho Hill, Headley Grange, Las Calaveras
Herrera Esteli - Norteno
Montecristo No.2
Partagas No.4
Por Larranaga Montecarlo

Favorite Beer:
Dos Equis

Kid Montana - Newbie Trade
Mrepp - Purchase
Golfgar - Trade
Bluue13 - Purchase
ClemTigers - PIF
Secret Santa 2014, Ho-Ho-Ho
Mu Mike - Purchase
sunuvabum - Box Split
Light this! - Purchase
oke&amp;coke - Trade
jvel-79 - Box Split
Grateful1 - PIF

2014 Superbowl Random Pick'em (Seahawks won me a wonderful bounty)
2014 NFL Playoff Pool
4th Annual MLB Draw
CP 2015 13 Run Pool
Hosted = Take a Picture Contest
Hosted = Take a Picture Contest (2)
Hosted = Take a Picture Contest (3)

Many thanks to the generosity of this board and my Brothers of the Leaf, it's allowed me to smoke cigars not in my rotation, increase the acumen of my pallate and learn about this awesome Addiction..er, I mean hobby.... :thumbs: :D

Off-roading, Hunting, Fishing, Cigars....
Kennewick, WA


I like turtles...



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