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Currently a student at California State University, Long Beach and I am damn near completing my Accounting degree. I might as well double major in Finance being that both professions do relie on each other but I have not mind up my mind as of yet. I figure on taking and hopefully passing the CPA exam and probably do the whole 9 to 5 thing. But I really hope that in the next few years Charles (CRQuarto)and I will be able to open up a cigar lounge but only time will tell I guess. So its either a boring desk job for the rest of my natural life or winning the lottory and being able to work at my own cigar shop (Damn that just feels nice to type).<br />
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To say the least I am quite the sports fan. As my alias shows I am a LA Kings fan and have been with the team in good times and in bad times. I am not quite old enough to remember the trade that brought Wayne Gretzky to L.A. but i do remember and have watched him do his thing. Beyond hockey, I do enjoy a good game of futbool (Soccer). I am a fan of Manchester United Football Club and of Celtic Football Club. Manchester United is the pride of the north and truly it is a &quot;religion&quot; of its own for the teams fans. I hope that one day I will be able to visit the English Isles and to be able to see my team play at Old Trafford. Moving past the realm of sports, I am a avid reader, rather forced to be one because of school <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /> . Currently I am reading the collection of Halo novels and nearing the end of the series. Beyond that I have read most of Tom Clancy's novels and well as George R.R. Martin's novel series entitled &quot;A Song of Fire and Ice&quot;. I am still waiting on the next book of that series to be published.<br />
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Now to the good stuff. I have been enjoying cigars for three years now and I am thankful that Charles introduced me to cigars but also to the forum here at CP.I like full bodied cigars on a regular basses but do partake in medium or mild cigars when I fance one. By far one of my favorite brands is Tatuaje and a close second is the Avo brand cigars. But I do not limit myslef to those brands. I have tried brands like CAO, Rocky Patel, Opus X, Arturo Fuente, Master Blend, God of Fire, and La Glora Cubana, etc and have found cigars that I love, cigars that I like, and cigars that I would give my left arm for.<br />
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Herf'd it up with:<br />
CRQuarto<br />
Nick (CRQuarto's brother)<br />
Souldog24ca<br />
Gavin<br />
Stoggie13<br />
The Black Cloud<br />
Charley<br />
Rod<br />
DesertRat<br />
Wavescrashing<br />
B.Hobs<br />
42<br />
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Included in the following passes :<br />
-Cigar Pass's &quot;Cigar 101&quot; Newbie Pass IV<br />
<br />
Purchased Form:<br />
-Key Stone<br />
-Breedy<br />
<br />
Wishlist:<br />
-Avo 22<br />
-Avo LE 7<br />
-God of Fire Torpedo-Thank You CRQuarto<br />
-La Gloria Cubana Serie R Limitada (2006)-Thank You CRQuarto for the lincoln log from hell!<br />
-Padilla Habano Burberry (It looks to pretty to smoke though!)<br />
-Opus X Fuente Fuente-Thank You Souldog24ca<br />
-Tatuaje Black-Thanks You Kingantz<br />
-Tatuaje Frank<br />
-Tatuaje RC 184- Will need to revisit. The stick I smoked had lots of issues <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' /> <br />
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Address:<br />
Shant Zulikyan<br />
4642 Ashbury Ave<br />
Cypress CA 90630

Hockey, Beer, Cigars, and good times
May 25, 1984 (Age: 38)


"La Verite ne se fait tolerer que sous la masque de la folie"
-"The truth can be tolerated only under the mask of folly"