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    Computer Monitor Cleaning Program

    I suppose it's the courteous thing to do...offer up this program after all this time of posting them cigar broads.
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    Take warning...

    In a buildin' tall with a stone wall around, there's a bomb for him When a man sees things and hears sounds that's not there He's just awaitin'....a bomb for him Illusions in his twisted mind, to try to save from his destruction...hmm, it's a bomb for him He can try to run into the wall, till...
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    Happy Birthday MiamiCubano!

    Folks, thank you much for all the well wishes. It was indeed an outstanding birthday, with the festivities having damn near wore me thin. I was indeed treated to many special things :whistling: which all culminated in my final b-day surprise - a new fishing boat. Indeed I truly feel blessed...
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    Maybe NSFW Best Condom Commercial

    Most of the video, yes. There were clips spliced and, clearly, the voice over is a new creation.
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    Laid up on a leg injury...

    Keep your spirits up. Will keep ya in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    That is what will always be you noobs' problem - you have to come up with "tests" of your so-called "arsenal." When you can deploy without any uncertainties as to the consequencies, then you've arrived.
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    Maybe NSFW Best Condom Commercial

    Damn Doc...way to weigh in on the jovial topic of STDs with such a tale... But fellas, jokes aside, ol' Doc is right on the money. Wear a friggen rubber. If you don't, the BEST you can hope for is getting a q-tip shoved up your pee-hole just for a test. It goes downhill from there.
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    NEWBIE WAR 2009!

    It's really a foregone conclusion...the newbs, as has happened time and time again (they're just too wet behind the ears to know otherwise) will, invariably, have their collective asses handed to them. Gotta love their cock-eyed naivete though. Nearly brings a smile....not quite, but nearly.
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    Maybe NSFW Best Condom Commercial

    I musta got it on a toilet seat Doc.... Linky....just for you Doc...
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    My first cigar girl. (NSFW)

    -damn double post-
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    My first cigar girl. (NSFW)

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Ray.
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    The boy from Walton's Mountain done good...

    :laugh: Actually, this week, it's gotten down in the upper 30s.
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    The boy from Walton's Mountain done good...

    Who woulda thunk that country boy woulda gotten so big...even if he did graduate from Boatwright...
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    Of course. But, kinda figured you might have your eye on what/where you'd like to play and you'd like to be doing. Differences between hookers, props, etc.