'About Me'
Well I work in the music and entertainment business and that takes up the majority of my time with long hours and long weekends, so those days off are even more special and having that right beer and cigar makes the day soo relaxing. I started with The Edge Maduro for years and have enjoyed my venture into the cigar world.
Fav Cigars:
Tat Black Robusto (Thanks Kevin, perfect cigar to celebrate my first home)
Tat Black Jar release (Thanks Tasman!)
RP Edge Sumatra
Tat Havana VI Angeles
Tat Noellas (Thanks uptown_isy)
Tat Regios and Regios Reserva (Thanks Kevin)
La Riqueza #2 (Thanks uptown_isy)
Padilla Miami
Cuba Aliados Miami
Illusione Cg4, 88
1926 Padron 45th Anniversario Natural is the best cigar I have ever smoked!!!! But in all there has not been a Padron that has failed me!
Tat Frank (Thanks John and Jim!!)
AF 858 Sungrown and maduro
OpusX Fuente Fuente
Cohiba Siglo VI
Monte #2

NEED to try/Wish List: (updated 11-15-14) I have been humbled as of late so not much left here<br><br>
ISOM<br><strike>Cohiba Siglo II</strike> (thanks Paul)</p>
<p><strike>RObo, Behike, Maduro5 Genious; </strike>(Thanks Bill!)<br>
08 Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills<br><strike>HUpman Mag 46;</strike><br><strike>Monte Grand Edmundo!!</strike> (Thanks Bill)<br><strike>Montecristo Sublimes LE</strike> (Yup, again, thanks)<br><br>
NC<br><strike>Arturo Fuente; Signature series maduro</strike> (Thanks Alan)<br><strike>AF BTL</strike> (Thanks Alan)</p>
<p>La Palina Goldie No.2 &amp; No. 5, Mr.Sam<br>
Opus Perf. Double Robusto; double corona; No.77 Shark<br>
Opus BBMF natural<br><strike>Padron Anniversario 1964 ( torpedo)</strike> (Thanks Alan)</p>
<p>Padron 46th Natural<br>
RP decade and edge maduro Lancero<br><strike>Illusione maduros; cg4,</strike> (Thanks Alan)<br>
Liga Privada Flying Pig, dirty rat</p>
<p>Tatuaje Boris<br>
Tatuaje OR Noella Reserva<br>
Tatuaje V West coast!!! I had one gifted, it just recently got destroyed by water! So sad.<br><br>
I have a few Tats left on the list there that I need to check off, but overall want to get more diverse and try a few more Fuentes; have not had <strike>many</strike> enough.</p>
<p> </p>

Sports (hockey more than anything), Music, life, grilling out, relaxing, biking. An ideal day would be sitting on the porch, grilling, with a beer and a nice cigar. Although Palm trees would make a perfect day.
March 1
Southern Indiana




Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out. - John Wooden

"You know, men and women are a lot alike in certain situations. Like when they're both on fire - they're exactly alike."


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