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    Tanzanian Peaberry!

    I've got a giant batch of Tanzanian Peaberry that I'm all ready to start bagging up and I'd be more than happy to send you out a few bags! 10% off 2 lbs or more of these outstanding single estate beans. Regular $16.95 lb $9.45 1/2 lb Message or email me with you order and...
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    Don't be fooled!

    Have you noticed on your Facebook feed that there are so many new online coffee companies popping up. 50% off your first order, free shipping on your first order, join our coffee of the month club and they all claim to have the "very best coffee in the world". Prices are a bit crazy as well...
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    More Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans!!

    Killer Beans Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans are waiting for you. At only $4.50 for a 4oz bag these little beauties will help you get through your day in style!! Order 2 lbs of Killer Beans Coffee and I'll include a bag of the chocolates for you for free. Message or email me...
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    Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

    Be careful, don't overdo it!!
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    Brazilian Bombshell is Back!!!

    So many of you took part in this special that I've been asked to run it here we go!! Brazilian Bombshell(organic/shade grown) whole beans - dark roast - full body From high up the mountain, these shade grown beauties are indeed the highest grade Brazilian beans available...
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    Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

    The hot days of summer are past us, so it's time to start shipping out some Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans! So many of you have been asking for them...well your time has come! 4 oz bag for $4.50 Order 3 lbs of Killer Beans and I'll toss in a bag of chocolate goodness just for you...
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    Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo now on sale!

    These beans arrive to us from southern Ethiopia, produced from distinctive Ethiopian varieties that are indigenous to the region known for where coffees first originated. Often referred to as the “Wine of Mecca” because of it's wonderful flavors. Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo organic/shade grown -...
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    Kalossi Knock Out now 10% off!

    How about a world class coffee bean with low acidity and packed with flavor!?! Often described as having molasses, earth tones, cedar or peat overtones...also hints of chocolate when roasted dark. Kalossi Knock Out organic - whole beans - dark roast - full body Similar to aged Sumatran coffee...
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    Some outstanding beans on sale!

    I've got some super fresh beans ready for this weekend...and at 10% off they'll taste even better! -Medellin Mad Man, my full bodied Colombian. Regular $15.95 lb and $8.95 1/2 lb -Kalossi Knock Out, smooth and silky from Sumatra. Regular $15.95 lb and $8.95 1/2 lb -Nicaraguan Knife Fight, rich...
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    Brazilian Bomb Shell now on sale!

    I don't have the ability to grind Pugman...all I have is a handheld grinder.
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    Brazilian Bomb Shell now on sale!

    When I think of a “sturdy” cup of coffee with great flavor and a caramel tone I’m drawn to the Brazilian Bourbon Santos, grown in the state of Sao Paulo, with Bourbon Santos coffees coming from the original "Bourbon" strain of arabica plants brought in the 18th century from the island of Bourbon...
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    Killer Beans is Alive!!! Come and get yer beans on at
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    Killer Beans Summer Sampler

    Let's offer up another special and get some new members to the Killer Beans Family at the same time! Four 1/2 lb bags (mix and match) for the outstanding price of $26.00. Regular price between $33.80 and $37.30 (shipping extra) What a great way to discover Killer Beans and find which beans is...
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    Knee Surgery was successful, and now to Killer Beans!!

    Super fresh batches of Killer Beans are ready to's what I've got: Here's the lineup: Guatemalan Antigua 1 lb $14.95 1/2 lb $8.45 -Nicaraguan Knife Fight 1 lb $14.95 1/2 lb $8.45 -Medellin Mad Man 1 lb $14.95 1/2 lb $8.45 -Kalossi Knock Out 1 lb $14.95 1/2 lb $8.45 -Tanzanian...
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    20% Off Killer Beans!

    20% Off!!! Only two days left! Today and Saturday are the last shipping days before I have to shut down for my surgery and recovery. Let's spice things up a bit for the remaining bags in my inventory...20% off of anything you order!!! Here's the lineup: Guatemalan Antigua 1 lb $14.95 1/2 lb...