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    CroMagnon BlockHead Limited Release

    Hey Fellas   We just got in 30 10ct boxes of the CroMagnon Block head. 6x54 box pressed     Limit release cigar for our store. these will only be available every quarter.   30 boxes now.   $85.00bx and shipping.     you can get them via our website     Mark from Tower Pipes...
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    Alec Bradley Robbed

      Sell them to every shady liquor store in NJ. No taxes no hassles. Easier to move than Alex Bradley. Wider variety of stores to choose from. Trying to sell Alec to a cigar store from the back of a truck, not going to go over so well.
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    Padron, Tatuaje and one other brand

    Hey fellas,     I have a few things I am putting on sale.   this sale will be via PM or phone call to the shop only.  If you are interested in some prices feel free to PM me.   Padron prices are going up so I decided to put a few things on sale.   Select 64's sizes and wrappers and one Vitola of...
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    Stuff to move

    I messed up the code word. Shit!!!
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    Stuff to move

    Ok ok! Use the code phrase two all beef patties special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!!
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    Stuff to move

    Good time to stock up for the winter. 1bx Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf $200.00bx 1bx La Riqueza #5 $112.50bx 1bx La Casita HCB corona $105.00bx 2bx La Casita HCR Robusto $114.00 per box 1bx Tatuaje Tainos $200.00bx 3bx Tatuaje Regios Reserva $180.00 per box 1bx Illusione Ultra OP #1 $146.00bx...
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    Happy Birthday samclemmons!

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Anyone tried the new Smoking Jacket by HKJr

    We just got them in the store.   I took the advice of a good customer and picked up the line. My customer was looking for a box of he corona gordas. I must say, I was a little apprehensive because I am not a fan of most of the avo, griffin, zino or davidoff products. Mostly Avo. I find it...
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    Liga Privada in stock....

    Only have a few boxes...   Robusto #9 Toro #9 Belicoso #9   If you are looking for a box pm me or call me and I will make you a deal.   Mark from Tower.
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    Odds and in's...

    How about these!!   Leccia Black 6x60 $145.00bx shipped Leccia Black 6x50 $$135.00bx shipped   The Black consists of... Filler - Nicaraguan, Dominican, Mata Fina and Dark-Fire Binder - Nicaraguan Rosado Wrapper Habano Ecuador.   I only have one of each.     PM me or call me at the shop   Mark...
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    Who wants LFD Chisel maduro and Oro Tubo maduro

      Sweet. If my memory serves me correctly, these have a little humidor time.
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    Odds and in's...

    Thanks Brett for your order   Mark