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Cigars, wine, imperial stout, family, small boats, enjoying a rich full life at the age of 70. Long-time high resolution audio listener.

Nowadays, am drinking imperial stouts or a sangria type mix more and more with cigars. Prefer single malt scotch but stout and sangria style mix is easier on my throat and palate and quite nice.

As far as cigars go, I don't often smoke anything larger than a 46 ring gauge. I find that smoking thoughtfully and taking small puffs on a smaller RG often gives enhanced flavor. I do at times smoke larger sticks, and used to smoke mostly 60 RG. But, enjoy the flavors more on the smaller stuff.

Am semi-retired. At times work more than 40 hours, many other times coasting and enjoying life.

My wife does the books, payroll, usually takes about six/seven hours a week and is fond of telling me that she's working more than I am.

Usually ride my bicycle 40/60 miles a week, slacked off a lot during the winter and need to get back in a groove.

Used to be a competitive pistol shooter, shot a lot of USPSA matches, etc. Have fired somewhere over several hundred thousand rounds through 1911 based open class guns.

Love going to lakes Jocassee and Keowee in my stingray with 350, Edelbrock Manifold, Holley carb with vacumn secondaries. It's getting old boat syndrome now, but will still move out when I push the throttle forward.

Adding to my profile, I realize that so many things were "decades ago" and how long my life has been. Still really enjoying life, my wife, friends, other people and the richness of life.

It's really simple. You either get older or die. Me, I like the getting older part.

More and more I realize in the overall scheme of things "don't sweat the small stuff" and life is mostly small stuff.






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