[size=&quot;2&quot;]I origianlly hail from Cliffside Park NJ. Then moved to Pennsylvania then Las Vegas, now I live in Fort Worth and I really dig it. I used to watch my father smoke cigars growing up and his main one s were Phillies Sports and I used to kind of look at him with a certain dignity. Later in the years it never phaised me, but about a 7 months ago I really caught an interest in it. Now it has gotten to where I smoke 1-2 per day sometimes 3 and I enjoy the relaxation of it. My pallette hasn't refined itself and I dont think it will for a while yet. I have a taste for maduro, but it depends on the cigar itself. I have been with the lower costing cigars since my wallet cant afford some of the premiums but I actually have had a few. I have a 4 month old son named Eric which is the world to me and I hope he and I can have what me and my father had. There are times that I actually do think my dad was re-incarnated into him, since when I am smoking a cigar he watches it every which way it goes.<br />
<br />
[/size][size=&quot;2&quot;]Cigars that I have tried<br />
Spirit of Cuba ([color=&quot;#ff0000&quot;]I expected these to taste like garbage but not at all[/color])<br />
Cruz Real Robusto Natural<br />
Famous 70th Rocky Torpedo Natural<br />
Famous Nicaraguan Cameroon<br />
Ashton Panetela<br />
Famous Dominican 4000 Corona<br />
Famous Dominican 2000 Torpedo<br />
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #3 ([color=&quot;#ff0000&quot;]I was really into this cigar it tasted great[/color][color=&quot;#000000&quot;])<br />
[/color]Arganese Maduro Figurado<br />
Arganese Nicaraguan Presidente Petit Corona<br />
Moments Torpedo Finos<br />
Primo De Cuba Toro ([color=&quot;#0000ff&quot;]will buy these on my next fishing trip and use them to keep the bugs away[/color])<br />
Siglo VI (very nice cigar will buy these in the future)<br />
Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Torpedo<br />
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 Year Salute<br />
Cuban Sandwich (they are tasty)<br />
My wish list<br />
cigars that I havent tried yet but will hopefully get to try in the future<br />
<br />
<br />
Rich Yhlen<br />
3256 Hale avenue<br />
Fort Worth<br />
Texas 76106[/size]
Jan 12, 1969 (Age: 52)
Fort Worth, Texas


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