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    Pics of your Sticks!

    Very nice, maybe one day. But for now, I let my friend Jorge roll the cigars for me. :)
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    CBD Hemp oil.

    But you boys get to own all the cool guns, (I'm in NY). Is my firm belief that Texas will be the last State to still have it's gun rights! Give me 5 years and I'll be down there with you guys. Back to the regular programming, not trying to start a gun debate here... ;) I'm going to have to try...
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    Grandpa (again)

    Very nice, congratulations.
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    Back after long break

    Welcome back, sorry about your troubles. I hope everything turns out in your favor.
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    A Little Help From My Friends

    Done. The zip code doesn't matter, right? Or does it have to be a Virginia zip code? I used my Buffalo zip code.
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    Cigar storage 101

    Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge.
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    Does anyone have a box stamped like this?

    F46 stands for Female, 46 years old. So grateful, if you're neither, those cigars most go in fivers in the for sale section. :p:D:D
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    Good Morning S / BOTL - 2013

    Morning Charlie
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    RIP Max

    Sorry brother
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    Why you smoke cigars

    The flavor and the nicotine
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    Butane Choices

    I use Colibri
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    Today’s Smoke 2019

    Arturo Fuente Sun Grown https%3A//[/img]']
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    Any Xbox Gamers in here?

    Xbox One, playing Black Ops 4
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    Happy Thread

    Ooh Drybox, what a good idea. I'm going to have to try that.