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    Cigar Smoking HAM RADIO Operators

    Top. Got my Yaesu FT DX 3000 setup again finally along with a Yaesu FT8800R. I have a dipole strung high in the trees for HF, and a VHF/UHF vertical up about 35 feet. Amazing how much I'm hearing on 146.52 simplex; 40+ miles away no problem. I'm up around 1800 feet or so, so that helps too. :D...
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    Post pictures of your stores...

    Definitely seems different areas of the country are responding either more civil or less civil. That's good to hear your Sprouts has plenty of stock.
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    What’s on the grill/smoker today? 2020

    Very nice! Excellent for a test run. The bark looks perfect; nice job!
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    Looking for a new smoker

    I use a dome shaped Weber, charcoal only. Though the electric/LP versions certainly seem tempting for their set and forget design. However, there's just something about charcoal you can't beat. :)
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    Post pictures of your stores...

    Down here in So Cal lots of stores are changing their hours (shorter days) as shelves are empty and they're having a hard time keeping them stocked. Costco is full of crazy people pushing and shoving -- quite sad to see how society reacts in aggression instead of trying to help one another...
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    How has COVID-19 impacted you?

    Working for a large hospital in a very populated area, I'm now 100% remote. Managing the hospital's IT dept is rather easy to do remote, so I'm lucky in that respect. Obviously as you know you can't buy any TP or paper towels. Costco shoppers are nuts. Really quite scary to see how many people...
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    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Wow, thanks guys! I'm going to pass my wish to @jfields :D
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    Cigar box clock

    This brings back lots of memories.........
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    10th Anniversary Flores y Rodriguez by PDR Cigars - Review

    Today I smoked the 10th Anniversary Floes y Rodriguez by PDR Cigars. I was pleasantly surprised by not only by the quality, but the overall flavor profile. I've heard a little about PDR, but didn't know much about them until I decided to research them a bit. A beautiful day in So Cal, with a...
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    The next Bitcoin halving is coming...

    That's cyrpto in general. :D Yes, you would sell on Robinhood.
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    The next Bitcoin halving is coming...

    You don't have access to the crypto wallet on Robinhood, therefore you can't use your cryptocurrency to purchase stuff or move it between exchanges. That there is huge. The majority of coins are held in cold storage. Additionally, I use multifactor authentication for added security. Here's...
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    The next Bitcoin halving is coming...

    Get ready. Every previous halving has resulted in tremendous growth. Will be interesting to see what this halving brings. I use Robinhood for trading stocks and cryptocurrency as it's not only secure, but very cheap. Stock trades are free, and crypto trades are rather cheap as well...
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    Anyone Read This

    Oh, I guess it's a California thing. Yes, it's a thing here in the People's Republic of California. You should familiarize yourself with this fact sheet that the Dept of California Public Health has released. It's pretty serious, and we should all be concerned about "THS" (third hand smoke)...
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    Anyone Read This

    I'm concerned about all those poor fans who have to endure the 3rd hand smoke from the players. :eek:
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    Finally time for a cigar

    One of my favorites