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    Happy birthday Cabaiguan Juan!

    Belated, but a wish none the less. I hope you had a great "golf trip" with the wifey, and I hope you got to enjoy good food(but not too much), good drink and a good seegar. Cheers. Floyd T

    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2022

    Nope. All shit, in Bill’s opinion! 😝 Floyd T

    Happy 22nd Birthday, CigarPass!

    If any of y’all FNG’s are reading this, take phuking note! This is a family outfit run by a guy who gives a shit enough to run it by himself. He ain’t whoring us out to God knows who. We police our own, hug the good ones and ride the bad ones like a broke dick dog. Don’t come in here with bad...

    Anyone enjoy the SPORT OF KINGS?

    I don’t really believe it’s what’s “best for the horse”! It’s what’s best for the stud rights. I don’t believe that horse couldn’t compete in the Preakness. I believe it’s not a favorite, so they want to preserve stud fees. I do agree in theory, what’s best for the animal is best, just not...

    Happy 22nd Birthday, CigarPass!

    Rob, you run a great show here. I’m old, don’t like people very much, but you have a great home. It’s weathered the test of time, and then you Phukin nailed it. VHERF!!! Faces, names, personalities, low speed, high speed, etc! Brother, you nailed it with this. I don’t give a shot about the...

    Anyone enjoy the SPORT OF KINGS?

    I understand it, but don’t like it. Either the horse is the shit, or it’s shit! Run it against the best and earn yer sperm money. I love horse racing, I don’t like this chit though. Maybe we see him in the Belmont. He’d be worth a look there, IMO. Floyd at

    What Mixed Drink Are You Enjoyong Today!

    If that a clitoris you’re used to seeing, get a phuking shot!!! Floyd T

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    What's the "K" stand for? Them would look great on the wires out front! :p Floyd T

    Anyone enjoy the SPORT OF KINGS?

    Michael, I almost called ya to put some money on this horse. My buddy and I were bored and he said lets put $20 on it. I didn;t think of ya until too late. Would have been funny. The race was fantastic and I do believe that jockey rode the perfect race. If this horse is gonna get close in...

    Jameson's Orange

    I was wondering the same thing. I've seen some commercials while out of town and was curious. Let us know what ya think. Floyd T

    What Mixed Drink Are You Enjoyong Today!

    Had this bad boy while visiting Ft Smith, AR. Floyd T

    Been a while....

    I'm glad ya got to enjoy two good sticks. Also good to see you're still around. I hope life is treating you well. Floyd T

    It's the quiet ones ya gotta watch!

    What a "welcome home" package I had waiting for me. Nate, thank you kindly! Several of those sticks I haven't had before so I'm really looking forward to trying them. You're very kind and I truly appreciate it. Thanks. Floyd T

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    That was in Ft Smith, AR. The pig was just off the 2nd tee box, on a gravel service road. Interestingly enough, bu the time we got around to hole 4, it was gone. Someone came by and drug it off, I suppose. He was getting to the point of smelling "fine"! Floyd T

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Are y'all doing your Wednesday vherf? I'm finally home for a couple days and have missed the visits. Floyd T