Newbie Trade 1 with Drunken Fish<br /><br />Purchased from Drunken Fish; MoneyCollector; Rod<br /> <br />Bombed Several; first was a selection of best value cigars to Blinded by Science in return for his evaluation of the smokes.<br /><br />Herfed with CabajaiJuan; hold informal herfs about two or three times monthly on Friday nights. PM me if you're in town. You'll be welcome.<br /><br />Addy<br />Steve Graves<br />2809 Cheverly Ave<br />Cheverly, Md 20785<br /><br />Likes
  • <br />
  • Any Arturo Fuente Hemingway or Anejo - Especially Short Story/Best Sellers;Opus X (Weird I know; but I liked the Short Story probably better than the Opus but I'll have to repeat the experiment)<br />
  • Padrons<br />
  • Drew Estates Undercrown Cornoa Vivas/doble coronas<br />
  • Olivas Serie V; G; O<br />
  • Ortega Series D<br />
  • Tats<br />
  • CAO Brazillia<br />
  • E.P. Carillo<br />
  • Partagas<br />
  • Grand Habana<br />
My Wish List<br />Mostly from Cigar Aficionado<br />Most interest in highlighted in red.
  1. <br />
  2. Drew Estate Liga Privada<br />    <br />
  3. AF Hemingway Anejo, Opus - any Vito, especially maddies<br />    <br />
  4. Casa Magna Colorado Diadema, Nicaragua (92)<br />    <br />
  5. Warlock Robusto, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Dom. Rep (92)<br />    <br />
  6. Punch Double Corona, Cuba (93)<br />    <br />
  7. Cabaiguan Guapo, Nicaragua/Ecuador (93)<br />    <br />
  8. Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary Torpedo, Nicaragua/Ecuador (93)<br />    <br />
  9. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo Maduro, Nicaragua (94)<br />    <br />
  10. Partagás Serie P No. 2, Cuba (94)[/font]<br />    <br />
  11. Illusione Epernay Le Taureau, Nicaragua (94)[/font]<br />    <br />
  12. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso Nicaragua/Mexico (95)<br />    <br />
  13. Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill, Honduras, Nicaragua (95)<br />    <br />
  14. Any smoke liked by CP members<br />
Best Value Cigars<br />92 points<br />Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8 Sun Grown<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 1/4&quot; by 47 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.55 Grade A<br /><br />Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 Machito<br />Nicaragua &bull;&ensp;4 3/4&quot; by 42 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.85<br /><br />La Reloba Selección Sumatra Robusto<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.60<br /><br />C.A.O. Lx2 Bam<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;4&quot; by 45 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.75<br /><br />91 points<br />E. P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Stellas<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/8&quot; by 42 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.50<br /><br />Gurkha Ninja Knife<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 55 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.26<br /><br />Hoyo de Tradición Epicure<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/4&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.59<br /><br />La Aroma de Cuba Belicoso<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.80<br /><br />Master By Carlos Toraño Robusto    <br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.60<br /><br />Partagas No. 4<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 38 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.99<br /><br />Rocky Patel Sun Grown Lancero<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;7&quot; by 38 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.80<br /><br />90 points<br />Alec Bradley Special Cabinet Reserve Corona    <br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 42 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.50<br /><br />Brick House Short Torpedo    <br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.95<br /><br />C.A.O. Brazilia Corcovado<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;4 1/4&quot; by 60 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.95 Grade A<br /><br />C.A.O. La Traviata Radiante<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.35<br /><br />E. P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Brilliantes<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.25<br /><br />Gurkha Ninja Torpedo<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.96<br /><br />La Aroma de Cuba Marquis<br />Nicaragua &ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 3/4&quot; by 48 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$6.00<br /><br />Oliva Serie G Double Robusto<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.35<br /><br />PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Maduro Toro    <br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.85<br /><br />Romeo y Julieta 1875 Exhibición No. 3<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.75<br /><br />Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Robusto<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.75<br /><br />Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Cordoba<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 44 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$3.85<br /><br />Savinelli Liga Especial Corona Gorda<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.00<br /><br />Swag Fierce    <br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 1/2&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.80<br /><br />Swag Quickie<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 42 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.70<br /><br />Swag Infamous<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.60<br /><br />Thunder By Nimish Torpedo<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 1/4&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.95<br /><br />89 points<br />Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Robusto<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.50<br /><br />Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Torpedo<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 1/8&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.00<br /><br />Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente Sun Grown<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 3/4&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.8 Grade: A<br /><br />Arturo Fuente Petit Corona<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 38 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.00<br /><br />Brick House Mighty Mighty<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 60 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.95 Grade: B<br /><br />C.A.O. La Traviata Favorita<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.65<br /><br />Cain Daytona 543<br />Nicaragua &bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 43 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.70<br /><br />Casa Magna Colorado Pikito<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;4 3/4&quot; by 42 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.15<br /><br />Cusano 59 Robusto<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.93<br /><br />Don Diego Fuerte By Omar Ortez Robusto    <br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;4 3/4&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.50<br /><br />Don Diego Fuerte By Omar Ortez Toro<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$6.00<br /><br />La Aroma de Cuba Churchill<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;7&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$6.00<br /><br />La Gloria Cubana Churchill<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;7&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.90<br /><br />La Libertad Churchill<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 1/2&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.90<br /><br />La Libertad Short Perfecto<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/4&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.50<br /><br />Master By Carlos Toraño Churchill<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;7&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.80<br /><br />Padrón Londres Maduro<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 42 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$2.90<br /><br />Padrón 2000 Maduro<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.00<br /><br />Padrón Churchill<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 7/8&quot; by 46 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.80 A<br /><br />Perdomo Lot 23 Punta Gorda<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 60 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.90<br /><br />Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro Gordito<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;4 1/2&quot; by 60 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.70<br /><br />Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cedros Deluxe No. 2<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 44 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.50<br /><br />Swag Ego<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 60 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.92<br /><br />Swag Elite<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;7&quot; by 38 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.40<br /><br />Thunder By Nimish Toro<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.75<br /><br />88 points<br />Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Churchill<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;7&quot; by 48 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.00<br /><br />Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Toro<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.75<br /><br />Arturo Fuente Cañones<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;8 1/2&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.90<br /><br />C.A.O. La Traviata Maduro Radiante<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.65<br /><br />Don Pepin Garcia Imperiales<br />U.S.A.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 1/8&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$6.00<br /><br />Gurkha Viper Robusto<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.36<br /><br />Hoyo de Tradición Corona<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 3/4&quot; by 45 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.59<br /><br />La Aroma de Cuba Robusto<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.25<br /><br />La Gloria Cubana Churchill Maduro<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;7&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.90<br /><br />La Libertad Robusto<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.25<br /><br />La Reloba Selección Sumatra Corona<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 5/8&quot; by 46 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.50<br /><br />Macanudo Cr&uuml; Royale Robusto<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 50 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.79<br /><br />Oliva Serie G Special G<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;3 3/4&quot; by 48 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$3.50<br /><br />Oliva Serie G Torpedo<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;6 1/2&quot; by 52 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$4.75 Grade: B+<br /><br />PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura Double Robusto<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.65<br /><br />PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Maduro Corona<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/4&quot; by 44 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.25<br /><br />Punch London Club<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 40 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$2.45<br /><br />Punch Rare Corojo Elite<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/4&quot; by 45 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$3.49<br /><br />Romeo y Julieta Reserve Corona<br />Honduras&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 5/8&quot; by 45 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.00<br /><br />San Cristobal Elegancia Corona<br />Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5 1/2&quot; by 46 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.95<br /><br />Swag Lavish<br />Dom. Rep.&ensp;&bull;&ensp;5&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.10<br /><br />[background=rgb(250, 248, 220)]Thunder By Nimish Robusto[/background]<br />[background=rgb(250, 248, 220)]Nicaragua&ensp;&bull;&ensp;4 1/2&quot; by 54 ring&ensp;&bull;&ensp;$5.50[/background]<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />     <br /><br /><br />Looking for best value cigars but thinking that the best NC cost as much as those from ISOM.

Religion, Philosophy, Fly Fishing, Kayak Fishing, Flying, Politics, good jokes, single malt scotches, wines under $15 per bottle.
Mar 21, 1954 (Age: 65)
DC Metro


"There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot."