<p>I'm kind of a n00b to cigars.  Well I mean I've had some on and off for years, but I had no idea who makes a good cigar or what to even ask when looking for one I'd enjoy.  I just picked one that looked good and most of the time they weren't.  I quit smoking cigarettes a few months ago and was given an Acid Kuba Kuba at a car show.  I thought, you know, I'd like to know more about cigars.  I do usually enjoy them... at least for a little while. I never bought a churchill because it would start to taste bad about halfway through. After reading more about them now, I think I was smoking them too fast back then.  Well I'm here to learn more.  I bought a humidor that holds about 300 cigars and I have maybe 80 cigars in there of various assortments. and I joined the cigar club over at CI.  It's a start anyway.</p>
<p> </p>

Buy/Sell/Trade & Group Purchases:
1) "Newbie Sampler Trade - Part III" with wkoti 17Aug2014
2) "Samper for sale Flying Pig, UF-13, old man and the c" purchased from drunkfish3 14Sep2014

"super bowl contest random draw 2014"
"Guess the birthday! Win Cigars!"

Cigar Herfs and Events:
"Drew Estate Event" - 10Oct2013

Contact Info:
Chuck Sterling
31 Home Depot Dr #225
Plymouth, MA 02360
Jan 6, 1971 (Age: 49)
Plymouth, MA




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