I'm a married Information Technology Executive Director in New York City. I work for one of the solvent banks. Currently I am responsible for technology strategy and direction for the Global Technology Infrastructure organizaiton. The position affords me the ability to travel a fair amount both domestically and abroad. So I get to smoke cigars from the Charles river, to the Puget sound and sometimes on the canals of Amsterdam.<br />
<br />
I have been smoking cigars for over a decade. I was lucky enough to start at the top of the charts at a golf outing. My buddy gave me a 10 year old Diplomatico #2 at a golf outing. He told me if I was going to smoke cigars, I might as well start with a really good one so I can compare all the rest. It got me hooked. Originally, I reserved my cigar smoking for the golf course but as my passion has grown, it has branched out to as many other locations as possible (except in the house). For those of you who can relate, cigar smoking is forbidden in the house. My wife is an ex-smoker and finds it exceptionally hypocritical that I asked her to quit smoking before we got married, but I smoke cigars. <br />
<br />
I belong to a really great club in Fairfield NJ called the Metropolitan Society. It is dedicated to Cigar smoking and has a great bunch of guys. There are many events each month and it provides a great forum to discuss the finer points for cigars and everthing else. I have included the website on my profile so if any is interested in joining or just stopping by, all are welcome.<br />
<br />
I've never been in a pass or a bomb, but am very interested in both..<br />
<br />
-Some of my fav cigars:<br />
OpusX <br />
Perdomo SVG<br />
Padron '26, '64, Churchill<br />
Hemingway (any but the WOA and Best Sellers are the best)<br />
Most any of the ISOM torpedos/Belicoso (Diplo #2, Monti #2, Bolivar, Robania)<br />
Hoyo de Monterey Prensado Escuro<br />
Hoyo de Monterey Double Corona (ISOM)<br />
Oliva Series V torpedo<br />
<br />
Over the years, I have found that smoke and alcohol seem to go well together. Anyone else find this as well ;-) Anyway, when I get the chance, I gravitate towards Bourbon (Baisel Hayden, Woodford Reserve) or Rum (ISOM mostly). But I am always interested in other pairings. I do enjoy wine with cigars sometimes, but find it can obscure the cigar sometimes. <br />
<br />
I readily admit that I have a very unsophisticated pallete. I envy those that can distinguish tasting nuances.<br />
<br />
My other passion is golf. I play as much as can either in NJ or anyplace I can find a game. I find it fits so well with smoking cigars that I cannot think of a better way to pass time. Club in hand, stogie on cart.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Kenny S.<br />
184 Columbia Turnpike<br />
Suite # 4-116<br />
Florham Park, N&amp; 07932

Golf<br />Wine Tasting<br />Barbarcue (slow and easy baby)<br />Sailing<br />New cigar experiences and knowledge
Aug 1, 1964 (Age: 55)
Florham Park, NJ


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