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    CP Stickers in stock

    Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
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    BAM!! Ben got me too!!

    Nice aim Ben!
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    Time flies, cherish all the little moments.

    Love knows no bonds like the love of a child. You are a lucky man, enjoy your bounty.
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    >90% of Cuban cigars in the US are fakes ???

    @stogie fan, you continue to probe just how big of a Putz you are! As much as I like Bill and think he’s greatly contributed to the CP community I’m not interested in listening to the entire interview but instead choose to believe you’ve taken him out of context because you continue to be a...
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    dropping by

    Welcome back!
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    Quad State Herf & Cigar B Que 16 - August 14, 2021

    I assume you'll let us know when its time to send in the funds....right?
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    Happy birthday Bsneed51 !

    Happy birthday
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    Dutch BOM from Kann

    Well done Nick!
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    Hole in one!

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    Happy birthday Gavin!

    Happy birthday!
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    Mini HeRF with Mark

    Glad you had a good time! It’s alway fun herfing with fellow CP‘res!