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    Conspiracy theories

    they are on the irritating list, as japan has done them much better than us and I'm irritated we haven't changed.
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    Conspiracy theories

    Conspiracy/hack jobs for me: glasses and their pricing at different places, banks, baby products
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    Still well no. 1. Aromatic. This is a good stick for an aromatica
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    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Hope it’s good buddy
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    Happy birthday Pugman1943

    That's NOT what she said 😞 Happy birthday ed!
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    I was sitting at a bar tonight....

    awesome story bud
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    Viaje jalapeño. This thing is phenomenal. Thanks @CBoukal
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    What's on your plate today?

    I dunno what I call this but it’s Asian cuisine made with Asian ingredients (other than the carrots and kale and egg). I enjoyed the shit out of it. Rest of the fam ate the fried chicken and noodles...
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    Happy birthday Kann !

    Happy birthday nick! Hope the family gets to feeling better buddy.
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    Pre-embargo Monte 3

    So most people already know who sent me this, but to @ him again, ole @CigSid, the super kind bastard. So let’s head on through with this review. Pre light smell: it smells amazing. It’s been around the others from that age and damn the ‘super’ hay and sweetness is delicious. 1st third...
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    Friday the 13th cigar review

    Excellent review buddy. Thanks for treating yourself every once in a while lol
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    As we approach Memorial Day - In Honor of Devil Doc

    Amazing. Thank you for doing this for him.
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    How to choose a right cigar humidor

    New phone, who dis?
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    Happy birthday Cabaiguan Juan!

    Happy belated birthday buddy!