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    I just won a trip to Nicaragua via Sindicato Cigars!

    Thanks again for the invite brother...I can't wait!  Jim C is a great guy and it'll be a lot of fun going with him, as well.  
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    Ashton Cabinet Churchill

    I think the Cabinet series is their most under appreciated cigars.  At $30, even in a high tax state, that price is extremely high.  These retail for about $12-$14 and is MUCH better than the classic line, for only about a buck or 2 more.  You obviously had a dud and I'm surprised that you had...
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    It Was Just a Matter of Time...

    I read that the ratio of Nica/Cuba tobacco is 50/50.  Remember when Camacho (I think) came out with a cigar containing pre-embargo Cuban tobacco back in the 90s?  I remember ppl saying that it only had a sliver of pre-emb tobacco, to the point that it made absolutely NO difference.  I would love...
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    String of bad luck...

    WTF???  Damn, Floyd T!  Too bad I won't be joining you with MT and BT at the HERF.  Would have loved to be there.
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    An update on my life.

    Great news!  Good going, brother.  Happy to see that things are getting better.
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    Wild Bunch Rec'd

    Enjoy them, buddy.  Thank you!
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    Request your vote for a friend...

    Done.  Hope she gets it.
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    The Jonesy Pretty Penny Pass #2

      I was contemplating sending it  w/o signature, but I didn't want to take the chance.  Glad you got it, brother.
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    The Jonesy Pretty Penny Pass #2

    Ok...Pass is on it's way to you, Khari.  Being sent UPS for Tuesday arrival.  1ZA892014291709673   I've included mini Boveda packs in the zip locks, another large 69% pack in the box and another sealed Boveda pack, just in case.  Thanks again Jonesy!
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    I'm not looking for sympathy

    Keep up the fight, brother.  Stay strong for your family.  You are all in my prayers.
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    GREAT deal on Ortega's Wild Bunch series

    Purchase ANY box of Ortega Wild Bunch at $129.95 ( boxes of 20) and receive a FREE 12-count sampler containing EACH of the 12 Wild Bunch cigars.  I have just about every release, with the exception of the Dandy McCoy and the Wild Bill.  Please PM me for orders.  Thanks!     Israel
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    The Jonesy Pretty Penny Pass #2

    I've got the pass and I'll be sending it out to Khari tomorrow.  I've spoken with Jonesy and have gotten approval for my P/T.....taking the RA Eminencia RE Suiza 07 and putting in its place a Davidoff Royal Salomon.  Will update with tracking # tomorrow.  Thanks Jonesy!
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    CigarPass Fundraiser........ Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro

    Thanks for letting me know, brother.  Was great to be a part of this!
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    Fuente's Casa Cuba sampler

    Here's a sampler (5 pack) containing the following Casa Cuba cigars from Fuente:   2 Doble Tres 1 Doble Cuatro 1 Doble Cinco 1 Doble Seis   The sampler is $61.00 including shipping to anywhere in the US.  Please PM me if interested.  Thanks!     Israel