ME!? Oh Boy! Well I am married, almost 9yrs and have two beautiful Children, Girl 8 &amp; Boy 5. I have lived in MN all my life and no I haven't used all 10,000 lakes YET! But I have done my fare share. I love to Fish &amp; Hunt but haven't hunted in a few yrs. I keep up on getting my fishing in though, especially when the kids want to go, I get no greater satisfaction then seeing a kids eyes light up when they pull in a fish big or small they always get excited. Not so much ice fishing although i have all the equipment i just had a bad experience and haven't back out. I also like shooting firearms both rifle &amp; pistol. I try to get to the range as much as i can. . I have many hobbies some which i haven't done in a while. I used to run NITRO RC Trucks but when My boy came it was time to put them away BUT now that he is older and not scared of them I just might have to break them out and let him rip it up wit me. <br />
<br />
Anything else you wanna know just ask I'll answer.<br />
<br />
Cigars I have tried:<br />
Acid: <br />
Kuba Kuba<br />
1400cc<br />
Roam<br />
Blondie Belicoso,<br />
<br />
Arturo Fuente<br />
Fuente Chateau Fuente (Sun grown)<br />
Hemmingway Short story<br />
<br />
Padron:<br />
2000<br />
3000<br />
4000 <br />
Londre<br />
Delicias Maduro ( Gonna have to give this one another try sometime, wasn't to good)<br />
1964 Anniversary Series (aged 1yr) <br />
<br />
NUB:<br />
Connecticut<br />
Cameroon<br />
<br />
CAO:<br />
Corillo<br />
Gold<br />
Itialia <br />
<br />
Cusano:<br />
18<br />
<br />
Nicaraguan Primeros<br />
<br />
Perdomo:<br />
lot 23 <br />
<br />
Olivia: G<br />
<br />
My To Try List:<br />
<br />
Olivia: O, V, Cain Daytona<br />
<br />
Padron:<br />
5000<br />
6000<br />
7000<br />
Ambassador<br />
Executive <br />
1926<br />
Family Reserve<br />
<br />
Arturo Fuente Hemmingway, Ashton

Firearms, Fishing, Hunting, Golfing, Camping, Spending time with family & Friends, Video Games. Having a drink with a nice cigar
Oct 25, 1980 (Age: 40)



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