1. Thoughts

    It was quite a nice one to look at

    Here I go, asking one damn question about a smoke and BOOM. This delicious, nice, hot package lands right in my lap. @cohibasurfer thanks for being an awesome brother on here. This was unsolicited but I’d solicit this package any day. Thanks again!
  2. Thoughts

    Holy Santa ballsc the Texas massacre

    Another one bites the dust. Holy hell, bodies laying everywhere. bodies, everyone else was at work, which works well for me cause now I have some storing to do. This box was amazing brother and very tasty. Really appreciate this massive Texas Christmas hit. Happy holiday brother...
  3. Thoughts

    Whelp, there goes the house

    And here I was hoping we could slowly get settled but noooooo. We won’t even talk about the mail lady. After throwing her back out, now she almost gets taken out by the bomb sent over by @modo22. Ben, this is an incredible gift man. I really do appreciate this, as well as it allows me to...
  4. Thoughts

    Solid bomb from Jon

    I mean, it’s literally fucking solid. @cabaiguan juan you shouldn’t have man. I mean really, you shouldn’t have. so I left the clinic today and had a quarterly meeting about 2 hours away. So, just got home about 5 minutes ago when my wife said I got a package and it’s heavy as f$&k. I see the...
  5. Thoughts

    The mailman was drunk this time

    We don't really have a close relationship with our mailman. A lot of fragile packages crunched up in the mailbox instead of on the front porch, some packages missing objects inside with the tape broken, wife pregnant during a 3 month dry spell, you know, the norm. Today, I got off work early...