1. raching cigar humidor

    raching cigar humidor

  2. Thoughts

    A newbie asking about a new humidor from the experts

    TLDR: how much should a newbie with two jaridors (holds ~15-20 cigars a piece) spend on a decent humidor that can have scratches or dents and where should he start digging? If the answer is cheaphumidors then when do they typically post the damages humidor? Just care about good seals. So, just...
  3. P

    Vegas Robaina Birthday 83 Humidor

    Hi, Has anyone come across or heard of this Vegas Robaina 83th birthday humidor? I came across this humidor some time ago with 54 sticks but it is suppose to be 83 sticks. The humidor was signed by Robaina himself and upon detail checking, the humidor is actually shorter then the ones with 83...
  4. Y

    Question about seasoning a humidor

    I did all of the usual steps. I poured salt and water into a cap to prep the hygrometer, put distilled water into the crystals which was absorbed, put a bowl with a wet spounge inside my humidor and let it sit for a day. after a day my hygrometer was reading at 80% humidity. Ive let it sit for...