11 Quintero Tubo - Round 2

cabaiguan juan

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This is the second time through with this cigar. Again, I didn't reread the prior review so I'm basically tasting this blind. It has a little bit of a tight draw, so I used my PerfecDraw to loosen it up. It seems to have worked. It Initially tastes of wood. Then cream. Then wood and cream. The wood and cream flavor stuck around for the rest of the smoke. It was good. I think the first go round with it was better, but having the Sir Winston the day before..., I don't know, its kind of unfair to review this.
Construction: Had a tight draw.
Taste: Wood and cream.
Opinion: It was ok, the first one was better.
Strength: medium
Would I buy it: Based only on this experience- No.
Would I smoke again: I feel like I owe it to the brand to try it again. Get back up on that horse.IMG_2822.jpg