Avo Classic #3 (heavy aged)

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Jan 2, 2021
I should not have been smoking today as I have been putting up with a very bothersome & moderate bout of pleurisy, in my upper/left lung area but being the cigaraholic that I am, I could not refrain from a good stick.

I haven’t smoked an Avo Classic #3 in over a year, and these have several years of age on them so, that likely accounts for the ‘old’ factor I got from this one as far as flavors & room notes.

This stick burned fairly quick, similar to ROTT, and not at all like the several year aged stick that it is, yet the smoke time was 1 hour 40 minutes.

This Avo Classic #3 was completely smooth, never harsh, had absolutely no burn issues, and no construction issues. It performed as perfect as any cigar I can imagine.

This cigar was fairly linear flavor wise but make no mistake, it was a thorough delight to enjoy this nicely aged cigar.

Also, during the time I have been a member here (~7 months) at CP, I have heard absolutely no mention of the Avo brand. Just a curiosity.

Construction: perfect in presentation, perfect draw, and in performance; flawless (no dry boxing at all/straight outta tha humi)

Flavors: barn yard, truffle, mushroom, garlic, vinegar

Room notes: old musty plantation basement, St. Louis Cemetery #2 crypts, dry blood-soaked gauze, back room of Marie Leveau’s, St Louis Cathedral

This very heavy aged Avo Classic #3 would have been the perfect stick to smoke walking through The French Quarter, on a Halloween evening, during Voodoo Fest. The cigar oozed nearly everything old, musty, and dead from the south Louisiana area. This particular stick will (for me) stand alone as an experience to be remembered, and likely to never be repeated, however, I would like to experience it all over again. Spooky …….

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