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Espinosa-34 E by Espinosa Maduro toro

cabaiguan juan

My masculinity is very toxic.
Aug 30, 2006
The last in the E By Espinosa mini series. Very tight draw. I used my PerfecDraw before lighting it to hopefully help the draw some.
1/3: In following with its predecessors, it is medium-minus right of the start. I get nuts and chocolate.
2/3: Cinnamon, salt and some stoneground wheat crackers.
3/3: Smokieness and some barnyard.
If i had to rank the E's in order of my preference, it would be a tie for 1st with the Connecticut and the habano and the maduro would be a distant 3rd. Perhaps it was the tightness of the draw but I will leave that to someone else to tell me.IMG_2352.jpeg
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