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I tend to prefer Tullamore to Jamie, though I enjoy both. Some of the best I've had has been Redbreast 12 year old.

Technically, Killian's is brewed under license by Coors here in the U.S. If it ain't gonna be Guinness for me I might opt for Smithwicks or O'hara's (Carlow Brewing).
Redbreast is gorgeous neat, but falls apart if you like an ice cube or three, I've found. Black Bush is what I've probably had the most of.

Have one of those Black & Tan widgets in a drawer somewhere but haven't used it. Guess I should give it a try!



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I like Guinness sometimes - but it really is the Bud Light of the stout world IMO... Overall pretty flat/bland. Black and Tan is a neat drink, mastering the pour is satisfying enough!

Not much help on the Irish Whiskey here. I'm a Scotch and Bourbon fan. Glenmorangie original!


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Mmmmm... this thread's making my mouth water... but my hands are steady as a rock, eyes clear and bright... :D

Aye, Tyrconnell 've had the pleasure of and a Bushmills or so in my time. I will admit, however, I've not happened across Redbreast... must hunt it down.
As to the beers, although this is not technically the place, I simply offered the beer as a nice chaser. Guinness, absolutely, but for an "Irish red" brewed in the U.S. (where I currently reside) George's brew is a nice chaser that doesn't demand it's own attention. I think the chaser needs to stay comfortably in the background and not mess with the "main attraction", don't you think?
Tally Ho wot!!!