I'm giving away some Cubans!

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
But there is a catch... Lol

My brother in law is a local police officer here in Derry, NH and him and a few of his Co workers are trying to help raise money for the local Boys and Girls Club in an upcoming bowling event. So to help him out I thought I'd come here to all of you. Instead of me just posting the link and asking for money I figured I would make it fun with a little random drawing contest.

So here is how you enter to win a 5er of CC's. The ones with two bands on them!

Click the link below to donate.
$5 minimum of a donation is required but obviously more is better.
When it asks for your name put your real name and from CP after it so mine would read Paul Harrison from CP.

Then post here that you donated.
Contest closes Sunday October 29th. And I will randomly draw a winner that day.

Thank you guys and gals and good luck!


Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
Alright we have 3 confirmed donations that are in the running for the prize so far. Thank you very much for helping a great event. You guys are all too much and blew the $5 minimum out of the water... Lol

Keep your donations coming!



One Leg Of Fury.
Donated. This is great thinking for fundraising, Paul. I'm working with the Boys & Girls Club here on the Big Island this week, and it's a fantastic organization. I'm all for helping the kids! :)