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Johnny-O EL Sig IV.....


New Member
Jan 5, 2024
Received my first ever order from John... Great cigar, excellent construction and burn. I honestly went into this very much on the subjective/suspicious side as I am sure many have. I didn't take notes to do a full proper review, and was smoking my first ROTT. Upon lighting it my suspicions were immediately removed, tangy citrus Barnyard, a touch salty, and some floral almost immediately. a touch of spice dancing in and out, nothing off putting to me, just enough to keep the cigar honest and even more interesting. From the end of the first third to the last third, the cigar was complex, rich and flavorful. So much so that I just kind of drifted away into the cigar.. again I didn't take any notes at the time. I paired it with a dram of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof bourbon. Johnny was super smooth to do business with as well and he will def be getting more of mine.
....Johnny-O has good stuff. For the price, it seems to be a very legit deal, gosh knows he's gotten my business. Those who know.....know..... :cool:
Ditto! I’ve been losing more to guys in here more than I’ve been smoking them lately though 😞