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La Palina 125 Anos


Well-Known Member
Dec 24, 2022
This cigar was given to me by the Assistant GM at the Davidoff of Geneva Lounge here in Las Vegas to enjoy and report back on my experience. I figured why not share that experience with the CP Fam as well.

I have not researched the cigar whatsoever, this will be a totally blind smoke until the end.

The cigar is a Toro, fan tail cap, with either a CT Broadleaf or Mexican San Andres wrapper (we shall see at the end). I’m assuming it’s in celebration of 125 years!

Construction is flawless, absolutely gorgeous.
Straight cut, above the shoulder.
Body aroma is of barnyard and fermented “funk” with slight hints of milk chocolate.
Foot smells lightly of coffee, chocolate cake and milk chocolate.
Cold draw is perfect, and the flavors are of the body and foot combined. Funky and chocolaty.

On light up: big, bold, and rich. Light spice. Funky aged tobacco, smooth finish, def has me thinking Broadleaf.

First third: dark bread, leather, baking spices, charred meat. Smoke is silky and dissipates quickly, burn is straight, flavors are full bodied and very smooth. My pallet is tantalized without being overwhelmed. That chocolate funk is pervasive throughout. First thoughts are of a Liga Privada T52 and No9 combined.
Smoke aroma is divine.

Second third: spice fades, funk intensifies, smokes gets more “chewy” and fuller bodied. Rich, full bodied and heavy. Big flavors.

Final third: the funk persists! Flavors stay the same, she’s starting to get hot though, and a sour citrus note is taking the front seat, which I am not a fan of personally.

Burn time was approximately 90 minutes.

Score: 3.8/5
Single ✅
Fiver for the Broadleaf lovers
Box only if you’re knocked off your chair

Post Smoke Research
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Released in December of 2021, specifics of the blend and tobacco is undisclosed.

From Halfwheel, “As for the cigar, it’s a 6 1/2 x 52 toro made by Oliva Cigar Co., a company that’s not known for producing cigars for other brands, though it certainly has done so in the past. Originally, La Palina did not disclose the blend, though it later said that it is made entirely of Nicaraguan tobaccos.”

I was impressed and surprised. Delicious and hearty smoke that was smooth and quite tasty. If you’re a broadleaf or full bodied lover, this is a cigar to try if you can find them. IMG_4289.jpegIMG_4290.jpegIMG_4296.jpegIMG_4297.jpeg