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Partagas Culebras

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Hey All...

I have purchased Jose Piedra Cazadore and Brevas knowing full well these are machine made BUT I have been enjoying them. I originally purchased them to give to my "part-time" cigar smoking buddies. I just didn't want to give the Arturo Fuente Curley Heads so I got the machine made Cubans. Why...because these friends usually take a few puffs and squash it out, leave it in the car or truck and forget about it and well you know.

So when we go out and shoot guns, sip on some bourbon or tequila ...or just watch the cattle in the pasture I give them these. Now my dilemma is that I'm somewhat enjoying these. No they're not taking over my regular stash of Cubans but for "on the go" type of situations they're not bad.

Now for a question. What other machine made Cuban cigars do you recommend for me to try? Quintero? They must be a 5 1/2 x 40, 5 1/4 x 42, 6 x 43, or in the general 5-6 by 38 to 44. Any recommendations???


Partagas Culebras

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Thanks Gavin!! I wondered about Quintero. You know...for a "go feed the cows"...."bass fishing on the boat"...I wondered.

What I really like about the machine made is giving them to again..."newbie"/"Part-time" smokers. I cringe when I see a friend..that I've given a nice Cohiba, Hoyo, or Bolivar to and they treat it like a swisher sweet.


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No decent brother is going to say anything but thanks. If they are not in the know, whats the big deal. If they are, its still a decent accepted smoke. We have all smoked dog turds. They are friends and you started them "right". In my bass boat, your a fine guy, and for them, maybe its a beginning.


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Guantanamera, Troya, Belinda are that not pricey but have a better presentation that Quintero, Piedras. John
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