My anniversary present


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Today we've been married 18 years, and my gift was this Boswell pipe. My wife told me she had this in the works since January. She coordinated with JM, BrewMeister and now I just found out with Handyman Dave! It's a Bulldog sitter (same style as the one I got a couple of weeks ago :whistling:) with a inlay of a heart with a lock in it (our last name is Lockhart) that was crafted by Handyman Dave!! It's beautiful!!

A BIG thanks to Tim for helping the wife out, and Dave for his craftsmanship!!! You guys are sneeky, and I'm proud to call you friends. :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:


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that is sweet! the date inscribed on it and the heart with the lock in it is awesome. congradulation and wishing you many more to come.

handyman dave

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I am so glad that everyone is happy!! :D
I am glad that my crude efforts were able to contribute to a great anniversary surprise.

BTW - my anniversary is this Wednesday, May 7th. However, I am sure there will be no tobacco-related gifts forthcoming this year in my house ... unless I give her a Shark!
(I might never get "lucky" again!) :p

You better keep that gal of yours... she is a keeper for sure!


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That's a wonderful and very thoughtful gift. You've got a great wife and some good friends there, Dan.

Enjoy it in good health, kind sir.

Happy Anniversary!



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I missed this. VERY sweet gift and sentiments form all involved.

You're a truly lucky husband, Dan!



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Not really a pipe kinda guy, but that looks like a beautifull piece of work. Kinda makes me want to start the pipe side of the coin. Nice gift and Happy Annie!!