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New B's & Old B's

First, this is done with the intent to be informational. It may focus on beginners information while some of the brothers with more time might still learn a thing or two. This is a guide, not a gospel, not set in stone. Anything said here is to the best of my recollection, any errors are mine. Still game?, read on.

Last evening, 4/30/16 was herf night at my local B&M along with an event sponsored by AB ( Alec Bradley ). Right off the bat, yes they are real people, brothers, Alec and Bradley who took it over from dad.

Four of us paid for a 1-1 private lesson in what I will call cigar education 101. It was open to any and all questions and comments while we were in this demo/discussion.

We each got a cigar plastic bag with three cigarillo size sticks labeled 1-2-3 and one complete box pressed robusto ( which IS the final product of these three mini's.

To make it interesting, the mini's were reverse rolled so you couldn't get a hint at the leaf composition. It was a single leaf, ( think of it as your wrapper leaf ) as an example. We lite #1, and were asked what you sensed, heavy, lite, spicy, hit the tongue tip, mouth roof, way back etc. Before lighting #2 we eat some chocolate candy ( to cleanse the palate ). We do #2, then #3, then a combo of 1&2, 2&3 looking for tobacco marriage and changed when combined. Lots of good questions and answers etc.

In the process of doing the 1-2-3 we are told one is the wrapper, one the binder, one the filler. We smoked them on an individual basis for tasting purposes.

Last thing is we all light up the finished product ( no label ) and smoke. Having taken the long road it was interesting to note picking up some of the notes from the 1-2-3 gang. Turns out we were smoking a Prensado, but what the recipe is was not mentioned.

Our tutor was Hector from Monterry Mexico. Since this was a 101 lesson it was kept non confusing. The simple plant has three sections, upper ( Ligero ) , middle ( seco ) medium and lower ( volado ). There was no mention of primings, like I said, simple for the beginner. One message that was said time and again, " the entire plant is used ", how much is used where depends on what they are trying to make. The " blend " determines usage.

This company asks it's reps what the public is asking for, ( mild, med., strong ). Etc. once the company decides to give a make a new stick, a select group of people go into a room full of various tobacco leaves and just begin selecting from various piles. They are graduates of 404. They all roll a few, smoke a few and continue doing so. And they keep doing this, sharing their roll, smoking, making etc. Hector mention there have been some cases where this went on 90 days before there was agreement on what they wanted to produce. After all this, it is passed on to the master blender and then into production.

One final note, AB does Not make any sticks with short filler ( sf ). What is short filler, scraps, floor sweepings, cuttings etc. from the production area. Again, per Hector, all AB is long filler tobacco.

That's it! Yea! Hope this helped just a wee bit. And if you made it this far, thanks for the read.

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