Old Fashioned

beyond the band

cantankerous newb
I have recently discovered this cocktail. I have also discovered not many places make them correctly either.
In my research you use
1 Good Rye
2 sugar
3 Aromatic bitters
4 orange bitters
5 ice
6 twist of orange
I have really been loving this drink.



There Once was a Man from Nantucket...
i like the rum old fashioned but the recipe i had did not have orange bitters just the Angostura bitters but yes this is an awesome drink. Really simple too, so i don't understand how some places mess it up.


Lobstah; the other white meat!
Never had one but I do like a Manhattan using a good bourbon (Woodford Reserve) so yea I'll give this a try. I'll see what my store has for a good Rye and back to you.