Paper or Plastic?


I guess it would actually be Wood or man made material humidors (plastic, acrylics, etc...)?

If you look in the past threads, or maybe you've even read it I posted a thread titled "File-a-dor" Its been quite a while and I've noticed that this thing is fantastic.

I live in Upstate NY and the humidity here swings with the seasons but this thing never moves on RH. I've had the Wooden humidors and decent ones at that (Savoy) but nothing has held constant RH like my "File-a-dor"so it got me to thinking. Is there any benefits to wooden humidors outside of aesthetics? or have I just had a poor experience with wooden humidors?

Looking for your thoughts, opinions, preferences etc...


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In any plastic I've used, I've used cedar sheets and wood cigar boxes to add the wood element to storage. It is said the wood compliments the cigars.


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While I have a lovely Bob Staebell humidor, I don't think there's a practical difference in storage integrety. RH and temperature control matters, enclosure material.....not so much.

As they say, one man's opinion.....


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I'm a huge fan of coolerdors (plastic). I don't line them with cedar, I just fill regular nice cigar boxes with cigars which in my opinion is better than lining a cooler with thin pieces of cedar because with lots of boxes, you more than likely end up with more wood surface area for holding the moisture and giving you your pleasant cedar smell.