Partagas Serie C no.3 EL 2012


Newb Le professional!
Partagas Serie C no. 3 EL 2012

5.51 inches x 48 (Corona)

Wrapper, rustic looking, a beautiful reddish brown Colorado wrapper. Some veins present. Slight crack near foot going up about an inch. (Transit can be tough sometimes).

Cold draw. Super woodsy.

First third
Opens spice bomb, red peppers, cayenne, made my nose run. settles down after about an inch. Transitions into traditional Partagas flavors of spice and earth.

Second third
Mellows further, spice now sweet cinnamon with coffee, creamy. Very nice. Transitions into a very unpartagas like honey and sweet coffee. Very nice. Faint floral note in background. Entering final third a predominant sweet wood and floral note make itself known. Still creamy, honey faint. Sweet cinnamon also in background.

Final third
Excellent mix of floral, sweet wood, cream, Partagas earth, honey still in background. Spice all but gone. Nearing end
Solid Partagas funk with sweet wood and faint sweet cinnamon.

Holy sheep shit this was excellent!

Was everything a $35 Cigar should be.

A huge thank you to Bill (CigSid) for sending this my way.