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RA Superiores VS Hoyo Epicure De Luxe LCDH


Isn't Here, Just There, Without A "T"
Jun 20, 2023
If Superiores were 250 and De Luxe were 350, which would you prefer?
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If you found a box of RA Superiores LCDH for $250 and you haven’t bought them yet, you’re smoking the wrong stuff!

That’s an incredible price, especially with the market right now.

$350 for the Epi DL is also a great price. I’d grab that Ramon box though stat!
Burned the RA this morning after the deluge stopped. We’ve been getting an unprecedented amount of rain this summer!

While the two cigars have similarities, the HDM was more lively with cedar, nuttiness, baking spices, and milk chocolate.
Whereas the RA had darker flavors. Less cedar, more oak wood and earth. Dark chocolate, espresso, and a buttery, cookie dough mouth feel without the sugar. The final third was very appealing and with a noticeable barnyard flavor. Super funky finish compared to the chocolate cake finish of the HDM.

Draw was tight on the RA with minimal smoke production, yet the cigar had no combustion issues and the burn was razor.

Both great cigars and both worth enjoying imho.