Recent AVO LE Rebranding Fiasco?????


Anyone hear anything about a recent AVO LE fiasco this past year? I was at one of the lounges in my area, while I was off for Christmas. One of the guys there mentioned AVO was caught trying to pass off one of their regular lines rebranded as a Limited Release. Is there any truth to this? I have not heard or read anything of the like, so I'm trying to figure out if it is true.

I'm interested, as I feel the brand is unfortunately slipping after Avo's death. I have not been impressed with the recent LE releases this past year or so. And to be honest, their release of new LE lines seem to be far more prevalent and subpar than in the past. Before, an AVO LE meant a pretty sure bet on a great cigar to me. I only recall there being one or two in a calendar year as well then. Now, I think they have about 5 out and some of those have multiple blends in them.

And to me the biggest offender is the Regional Lines. They came in a cardboard box. An AVO LE in a cardboard box. That beautiful box was cardboard and I was sad when I received it. I know, the cigars are supposed to be what matters but I also like collecting cigar boxes. That dang cardboard won't last five years.

AVO has been one of my favorite brands for quite some time now. I think I've been hooked since about 2011 or so. Which they have been one of the brands I've been smoking the longest and I hate to see them floundering like this. I'm just worried they are rudderless without Avo and will stay that way until the brand is killed.


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Have not heard anything about this. Long time AVO LE smoker, you are correct once he passed away they started releasing more LE cigars. It is a shame when a brand loses it reputation.


Yep. just sad. And of course I see Davidoff tries to just pass it off as being "the plan" all along. Again, another brand that I used to have respect for. Sadly, the cigar industry seems to be losing some of what made it stand out from every other greedy industry: Respect, Honor, and Love of the craft. If it truly was the plan, to let smokers see if they could notice the difference, they should have been up front about it to an extent and not charge an extra $1 per cigar.

Thanks for posting ashauler! Good to see you still about and posting!