Reykjavik, Paris & Venice Suggestions


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Heading to all three places in April with the kids for their spring break, good times! Any suggestions on "must visit" shops while I'm there? I've read up on a few of the Paris shops, seems like they're hit or miss and like all things internet I've seen great reviews and awful reviews.


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Reykjavik is devoid of shops. One shop which was super limited in selection and big bucks for small sticks. Had some nifty souvenirs, however, and there is no smoking lounge in the shop. In fact I couldn't find one anywhere so I just sat outside on the patio. Pretty cool sightseeing though, and don't think about trying the "fermented" shark the smell is enough to elicit puking sessions. I did try smoked Puffin and liked it a lot. We went there in August last year. Let me know if you want anymore information or suggestions, we were there for a week and hit many of the hiking and sightseeing spots on the island. The street hot dogs are very good and there was a food trailer in the town square serving very good whitefish next to a brew pub that had good beer.

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When we were in Paris we typically opted for quick smokes like packs of cigarillos, and those are easy to find around the city. I think I always chose Davidoffs. It was funny to see how accepted smoking still is there compared to here in the states. Though, I didn't notice much cigar smoking at all. Typically people were smoking cigs.

Ever been? My first time was last year and I absolutely loved it. I'm hoping to return next year.