RP Edge Sumatra - Original Release


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I do not know why I picked this morning, but what the hell....I decided to smoke my last OR Edge Sumatra (2007). The re-released blend is still ok, but can't compare. This cigar was an amazing amazing amazing smoke! I had one back in 2007 and fell in love right away. I was just starting to get into cigars back then and didn't know what I had in my hands, but I knew something was special. When they were discontinued, I was able to find several original boxes at a shop on the east coast and bought every box they had! In fact, I hosted a group buy in 2009 and was able to find them through with help of some great CP members here. While I smoked it this morning I spent time searching and reading here on CP to remember how it all went down. Really made me remember why I appreciate this incredible community! THANK YOU Rod for all that you do to keep this place going and all that you did to start CP!!

As far as the cigar, it made me sad when it ended! I would do anything I could to find some more. Given the fact that it has 13 years, it smoked perfectly. Full draws of big flavor. Consistent velvety, smooth, creamy leather. With each draw I was just blown away at how smooth and soft it was. I kept thinking it had a smooth rich velvet profile to it! I couldn't really put more discription to it other than that. I can't say enough how amazing this was!!
Here is some CigarPorn:

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Great review! I remember those vividly .... and remember kicking myself repeatedly for not getting the chest of 100 when it was still available in the OR blend, after Rocky diddled around & changed it.

Cool to hear it's aged well. Wouldn't have expected that.