Slightly spicy "seafood" burger


Jesus of Cool, I'm bad, I'm nationwide
without any seafood in it.

You'll need:
6-8 Thin frozen 1/4lb burgers
1 qt vegetable oil
Cocktail Sauce (I use a particularly hot local brand)
Pickle slices (sandwich slices)
McCormick Cajun Shrimp & Seafood batter
Deep Fry pan
Large buns

Take frozen burger and wet it down with milk or water. Shake off excess.
Coat with seafood batter
Cook completely covered in 350 degree oil for 3 minutes. Some fat will cook out and stick to the outside batter but you just need to scrape it off. I can cook 3 at a time in my pan
While the burgers are frying, cut the buns in half, take a scoop of cocktail sauce and coat the top half of the bun. Place 2 large pickle slices on the bottom bun half and cover with a good bed of lettuce.
When the burgers are done put your sandwich together and enjoy.

Now this isn't the be all end all of burgers but it is pretty good and something different for the next time you get a burger urge.
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