Super Bowl Squares 2020 ***FULL***

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
Last year this went off great and I look forward to doing it again.

The rules are simple...
-$10 per square 5 squares per person.
Your $50 will be Pay Pal to me .
-The payouts will be a box off CC’s for the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter and final score.
-So there will be only room for 20 people to join this pool.
-A second grid may happen if there is enough interest.
- A non CP member is welcome if they are backed by a member.
-I will pick the boxes and order them once all money is received.
-I will post some pics of the boxes once they are in.
-Post here that you are in and I will add you to the list below.
-Once the pool starts to fill I will post the grid and the squares will be picked in order of how you signed up.
-If you DO NOT post your squares in two days from the time your turn is up we will move to the next person.
-You have 3.5 weeks to get me the money via PayPal at So money needs to be received by December 22nd.
So Who’s In?

So this is what we have for $1000 Pot
1st Quarter: 25ct. Box Montecristo #4
Half Time: 25ct. Box H. Upmann Connossieur A
3rd Quarter: 25ct. Box Montecristo #4
Final Score: 25 ct. Box Cohiba Robusto


1. Tall Paul (Payment Received)
2. Adam Currier (Tall Paul’s +1) (Payment Received)
3. drunkfish3 (Payment Received)
4. CigSid (Payment Received)
5. jacot23 (Payment Received)
6. thinde (Payment Received)
7. Nihon_Ni (Payment Received)
8. Meyekey (Payment Received)
9. Acclaym (Payment Received)
10. bfreebern (Payment Received)
11. MrAnderson41 (Payment Received)
12. tone-ny (Payment Received)
13. grateful1 (Payment Received)
14. ironpeddler (Payment Received)
15. modo22 (Payment Received)
16. StatHaldol (Payment Received)
17. Christy (StatHaldol’s +1) (Payment Received)
18. Brickhouse (Payment Received)
19. Maduro Clint (Payment Received)
20. Thoughts (Payment Received)

Final Grid:
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