Tatuaje La Riqueza No. 2


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It’s a rather dreary looking day with a dark gray sky and cold, blustery wind. The wife and baby girl fell asleep in the recliner, so I decided to have a smoke. I went to one of my desktops already looking for a particular cigar, a La Riqueza No. 2 that I’ve been looking forward to smoking for some time now. I really love these cigars as they are a perfect fit for my palate, the No. 5 being a go to smoke for some time.

The No. 2 is a well constructed belicoso shape with a medium to dark brown smooth wrapper that has minimal veins and not much by way of oil. It is box shaped and very firm when squeezed feeling somewhat light in the hand. I clip about a quarter inch off the head and find a perfect draw with sweet, straightforward tobacco taste.

After the foot is lit and burning well, I take a few puffs and am already enjoying the rich flavor coming through. My first draw brings a perfect white pepper spice on the throat with the smoke medium in strength. I exhale slowly through the mouth and nose thoroughly enjoying the delicious flavors of cocoa, toasted nuts and cinnamon.

The burn leans slightly to one side through the first third, however evens out on its own towards the halfway mark. A medium to light gray ash is forming that is compact, holding strong until tapped off. The smoke continues to be medium in strength and flowing effortlessly through the perfect draw with a nice spice on the throat. Flavors remain consistently rich leaving a delicious finish on the palate after exhaling. It is rather short through the first half, however becomes much more lasting in the final third.

I enjoy La Riqueza cigars immensely and this No. 2 was no exception with excellent burn, perfect draw, and rich flavors that again, hit my palate just right. One of my favorite smokes!

Thanks for the great review and pics Greg. I have to agree with you on this cigar. Fits my palate perfectly. This is IMO one of the best n/c's out there. I have smoked boxes of them.



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I bought a fiver of these based on your recommendation about a month ago. Excellent cigars.


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I just got done smoking one of these this evening paired with a cup of Green Mountain Dark Magic extra bold coffee from my Keurig and absolutely loved them both. Spot on with the review!


I have only had a few of these but every single time it has been a great smoke. I am surprised I don't have more of these. :(


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I really really enjoy these cigars. Actually the No 2's was the first box I ever purchased :)

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I guess I'm going to have to track these down, lots of good reviews. Unfortunately my B&M quit carrying Tatuaje.

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Atlantic Cigars has them

Ya, If I order online or by phone I'll defiantly use one of our sponsors here, "not sure if Atlantic is but ill look it up". I try to support my local anytime I can but sometimes you just cant do it.
Happy smoking to all.