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Getting back to the original posters question, cigarbid is good but usually not the best selection. Newbie trade on the forums on here gave a a TON of high ends to try for not even close to what they cost. CI is ok but a lot of their stuff you can get cheaper on cigarbid. Hope this helps!

CigarBid don't have hot brands, like Padron, they have what I call normal stuff. Prices can be good, if something you want has no action on it. Then you can fly in at least minute, and get it for a very good price.

Maybe it is just me, but when I grew up we were poor, money was always short, so you learned to spend wisely. First job was cleaning up a construction site on Saturdays. Think I was paid $.75/day + plus I could take the empty soda bottle back for the $.02/Deposit. Somedays I made upwards $1.20/day.


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I love amazon, heck, most of my stocks portfolio is geared towards it but when Toys R' Us decided to go out of business, it really gave me an uneasy feeling because deep down I know that amazon played a big part on that. Yes, we all get to save money on the same exact items and even with toys r us "going out business prices" you still find that amazon is cheaper. My kids won't grow up having such a fun store and I always went there the night before Christmas to buy all of their toys. So I'm already regretting it. I also try to purchase and support my local B&M as much as possible but with all of these FDA's regulations, higher prices, taxes, etc, at some point there will be few available, if any at all.
It wasn’t supply and demand economics that killed Toys R Us, it was venture capitalists: