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Discussion in 'The CP Saloon' started by Satchmo, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Satchmo

    Satchmo Why do they call it a Power Ranger???

    My sister brought me a 1/2 of some crazy good 100% Kona from her trip to Hawaii. That was $40 sumpthin' a pound according to her. Just a tad out of my budget.

    I recently notice a Kona blend at Costco and wanted to know if any of you gents have tried and could vouch for this stuff. Most reviews of Costco coffee recommended and Kirkland Columbian over the Kona.
  2. ironpeddler

    ironpeddler Ye Old Newbie

    Apr 8, 2008
    Land of Snatch & Honey
    Try it...with blends, you just have to see if it's to your liking. Just like with cigars, whatever you like, you like. Who cares what others think of it as long as YOU like it.

    It's probably about 10% Kona bean...check the bag for the percentages of the contents and see what it's blended with...that's the bigger issue here. Some blends I've had didn't have too much Kona taste at all, others I've tried were pretty good.

    It has more to do with what the other coffees are along with the Kona beans, if the different coffees in the bag compliment each have a winner :thumbs:
  3. BlindedByScience

    BlindedByScience Proud Father of a brave U.S. Marine

    Jan 31, 2005
    Vancouver, WA
    We buy the Costco "French Roast" for daily's darn good. Haven't tried their other blends.....

    Killer Beans on the weekend, though....!!!
  4. grateful1

    grateful1 Oh My!

    Feb 6, 2006
    It's not's a blend of coffees. It may have Kona in it....or it may be blended to be 'like' Kona.

    Also, there are certain plantations that have the best of the best coffee (their and the Jamaican Blue Mountain).

    On both islands, there have been an expanse of 'farms' that make these coffees...and the regulations that make them 'real' have been stretched to allow for more producers.
    This, I've found, can lead to some 'ok' coffee...if not just plain wrong.

    I first noticed this with JBM...they started to allow it to be grown at some slightly lower altitudes(to keep up with demand)...well, this planations do not harvest the best coffee (at all).

    Second, over the past few years coffee has taken off in the Asian Market. JBM and Kona bundles are nearly all going to the high prices!

    Like cigars...'drink the coffee you like'!
  5. kona1000

    kona1000 Scotchead!

    Oct 10, 2009
    Dedham, Ma
    Of course- huge Kona fan- go figure.

    The blends are such a small amount of the real stuff I don't find it very good.

    I've tried the BJ's ( Costco type of store ) version, nothing specail. Go with Killer beans!!!
  6. Satchmo

    Satchmo Why do they call it a Power Ranger???

    I realize that taste is subjective, and didn't expect to have much Kona in the blend. My main issue was if I don't like it, it would take me a while to go through 2 lbs of a coffee I don't like. The 100% Kona my sister brought back was excellent. I may steer clear of this one.
  7. CBoukal

    CBoukal Long time Newbie

    Dec 9, 2011
    Omaha, NE
    Or if you do like it, then you'll have a cheaper alternative.
  8. Pugman1943

    Pugman1943 Well-Known Member

    The great thing about Costco, you could make a pot and try it. If it is not to your satisfaction Costco will simply take it back, open or not.

    Been ther, done it.
  9. Satchmo

    Satchmo Why do they call it a Power Ranger???

    That is true.

    I've heard they are a no hastle return. Good points.
  10. kona1000

    kona1000 Scotchead!

    Oct 10, 2009
    Dedham, Ma
    I'm not sure kona has ever rebounded from that late 80's- 90's counterfeit debacle.

    I'm still leary unless you get it from the source.

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