From Half-Wheel this am. Thursday Nicagraga Strike Cigar Strike

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  2. Well I actually thought this was more of a breaking News thing than a what if? As the Cigar Workers could strike Thursday.

    Appears the situation is getting worse in Niciagraga. If the Cigar industry does strike for an extended time, it could mean bad things for many people.

    I actually have zero idea why the Cigar rollers, and other support people want to strike?

    I had heard that the Cigar workers don't have a bad wage for their work, most of the "skilled" worker are not living at the poverty line. They the Cigar works live better then most people in Nicagraga.

    But like many things in life if you are not personally on the front line, you only hear how the war is going, from the press's who never report 100% correct info of any story.

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    Its a national strike, which will cross all industries. The people employed in the cigar industry have friends, family and loved ones who are directly affected by the issues leading up to the civil crisis. The cigar industry is just swept up in the protests.

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    Looks like it's just a 24 hour strike for now, so not the apocalypse just yet.

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