Self proclaimed CP Scotch & Bourbon reviewer. Always on the look out for Scotch & bourbon I can't get in PA since the PLCB pretty much sucks.
Address: Ask and you may receive.
I need more fast cars & slow women.

Cigars, Scotch & Bourbon but the order changes regularly.
My 1971 Pontiac which can suck up money with the best of any hobby

Cigar wish list #1 completely filled by moki....I owe ya bud.
Cigar wish list #2 filled by Oak, 1956 Punch, where do you find this stuff?
Cigar wish list #3 filled by Bfreebern, many thanks!
Wish list #4 & 6 wiped out by Smokeyballs! He's da MAN! Wish list #5 cleared by Cigardawg - Hot Damn!
Wish list #7 taken care of by Prometheus - Thanks!
Hats off to Kyro for providing a Black Diamond and Roseysman for the Montecristo Afrique. A nod to Joe for the 1940 Gurkha, thanks! Cheers to Half Full Monty for the DC Maduro and Cigardawg for the AVO 22! Thanks to Stewart for the Graycliff Expresso. Thanks for the DC #7 from Misters Cole and Jones. Thanks to rob300c for the Padron "A" and Tone-ny for the Don Carlos! An extraordinary bomb from Treamayne, I can't thank you enough. A big thanks to MarkJr for the Little Hammer. Bombs - I've sent more then you'll ever know.
Кто хочет некоторую российскую Водку?
January 27
Near York, PA.




A small cigar can change the world
I know, I've done it frequently at parties
Where I've won all the guests' attention
With my generosity and suave gentlemanly bearing
Gaze at the statistical flibberdigab that supposedly represent the greatness that was my time here. But these numbers are useless: there are no columns for drams consumed, harlots bedded, or blades brandished.

I got a fever and the only prescription is more cigars!​
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