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  • "Integrity is not a pair of boots you wear when the weather is bad. Integrity is an internal organ you can't live without."
    - NA
    Goodbye and Good Luck!
    It's over there next to the ashtray that has a still smoking Moonie in it!
    Wilkey has educated many of us here at CP on cigars. His cigar disections and analysis are matched by none. He is a great trader and respected member of CP.
    Wilkey is a great BOTL and a poet in the cigar world. He's never at a loss for a story about a cigar, what it did to him, and his overall pleasure in the smoking experience. He'll even admit to loving flavoured cigars, and smoking them in the nude.
    Gift him a cigar and it'll take him 12 high res pictures, 1000+ words, 4 days, 7 revisions, 14 proofreads,1 new grant proposal and a graduate assistant's lab time to tell you "Thank's, it smoked well."
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