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Blue Dragon

Interests: Snow Skiing (2 planks), Water Skiing (Slalom), Motorcycles (Harley's, Custom Choppers, Sturgis) - Riding, Poker, Cigars, Golf, Computers, Family ... and definitely not last on my list (well, guess I need to find a new hobby.. suggestions?) :)

I had my first real cigar at a buddie's house one poker night and had a blast. I really liked it when he hosted poker, because he allways pulled out the cigars. I had no idea what I was smoking or if it was any good, but it was fun.

Then I moved and didn't have one again until a couple friends of my wife's pulled out the cigars. A couple I liked and a few I really didn't. But I got tired of being the moocher and wanted to contribute to my friends who occasionally smoked.

So, now I have a humidor and have started trying all sorts of cigars. Some I like, some I don't. It seems I have a varied palate (so the guy at Sturman's smoke shop tells me). This seems like a great forum .... plus you can play poker!!! Sign me up!

Favorite Cigars so far (typically maduros):
Davidoff Millenium Edition Piramide
Ashton VSG Robusto
TtT Reyes
VR Famosos

- Picture Pass pt. III
- Friends Pass
- Last Herfer Standing Pass
- Wisdom Pass
- iBlues Pass
- Simple Pass
- Anniversary Pass

Passes hosted:
- Blind Leading the Blind Pt.2 - completed
- Hot Potato Bomb Pass - completed
...um many now :)

- NSTT - marcsheldon
- Blind Fiver - Swifty
...um many now :)

Box Split:
- CvilleYoungGun
- CalixEros
- Swissy
- KiltedCraftsman
- idahogn
- SmokyBalls
...um many now :)

Poker Payouts:
- SteveHawk, MarcSheldon, DevilsMilk, KiltedCraftsman ...do a search. lol
Sep 14, 1971 (Age: 52)
Boise, ID




-- I am Tony! picket line member.

"My boy! Smoking is one of the greatest and cheapest enjoyments in life, and if you decide in advance not to smoke, I can only feel sorry for you." -- Sigmund Freud

[quote name='bfreebern' post='556119' date='Oct 16 2007, 02:37 PM']Buncha hard dicks.

*** Horrible timing, LOL. Ummm, the hot potato bomb doesn't contain dicks. I was busting on the guys here who are always drawn to the attention seeking ladies.[/quote]
... Now that's some funny shit!


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