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    I don't know what to say other than Thank you.....

    Congrats on the new job, Brian.   :thumbs:
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    Scumbag List - 2014

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    Scumbag List - 2014

    Roger that...;)
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    Scumbag List - 2014

    I've been trying to make this list for years.
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    A Humbling Experience

    Brian,    Life is generally tough.  This economy has made it even tougher, my friend.  I certainly hope to finally meet you and Jon over a football game this coming NFL season.  It has certainly been long in the making.  While I have been absent from the boards over the last year, I still...
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    jfields......I hate you!

    This is the brand of hate you have to love!  Nicely done, John.
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    Souldog sad news

    My deepest condolences to Jon and his family.  May he rest in peace.
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    Min Ron Nee

    Only available in hardcover.  12 inches tall x 9.5 inches across x 1.5 inches deep (492 pages).
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    Johnny-O! Pricing & Sizes

    No sources were discussed.
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    Johnny-O! Pricing & Sizes

      I can assure you that I'm not a "newbie wanna-be" and if you knew anything about me, you would know I'm not trolling.  If the popular rollers were rolling, wouldn't it make sense that their cigars would find the "back door" here to the states?   I know more than a few people with very close...
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    The Rob_K's got no fuggin' smokes pass!

    Roger that Brian!!! ;)
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    Happy Birthday BobbyRitz

    Thanks guys - it's been a typical spring weekend.  Running errands, yard work and otherwise trying to knock the dirt off of everything.  No cigars today, but I plan to visit my local lounge later this week to burn a few.   I appreciate the thread, CP has always been a special place for me.  ...
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    The Rob_K's got no fuggin' smokes pass!

    OK...slight change.  Brian seemed disappointed that I didn't put any shaggy foots in the pass.  Problem solved!!!  Plus I'm putting in a Monte No. 2 Gran Reserva.   So the final tally:     Take: 1986 Monte Tubo Put: 80s Partagas Palmas Grandes (ninfa) Take: 1995 Cohiba Lancero Put: 1992 Partagas...
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    The Rob_K's got no fuggin' smokes pass!

      I'd like to apologize to Gary.  His question was simple and I should not have reacted in the way I did.  I'm sorry, Gary.  Passes are meant to be fun.  I hope to re-inflate this one. :)