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    I was bored

    Both look great
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    Grilling question

    Couple things. Weber One Touch gold, or current equivalent, is more than enough grill for a family of four. Grills, smokes, sears, etc... Harbor freight heat gun to light coals for smoking in snake method I use an 8x16 double side griddle from Aldis' to make smash burgers. I really only use...
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    COVID-19 vaccine, you getting it?

    This mirrors my non-scientific observations of people at my FD. I got the virus and the first shot was pretty rough, an experience mirrored by a lot of other people who were know to have COVID. For those who did not have it, or have a reaction to the 1st, the 2nd was worse.
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    COVID-19 vaccine, you getting it?

    Got COVID and then followed it up with both doses of the vaccine and know a hundred plus guys who did the same. It's pretty nice knowing I'm not going to catch from it from a patient and bring it home. To be honest having the disease probably would have been enough, the vaccine is just a safety...
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    What make and model? Electronic lock or manual? I would suggest calling the manufacturer unless you reset it or searching YouTube. Unfortunately many "safes" aren't as secure as they would like you to believe.
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    Anyone into gardening?

    We "urban garden" now. Just tomatoes, cucumbers, some peppers, kale and herbs. It's nice to be able to walk outside and grab fresh ingredients. We used to help maintain a pretty good sized garden at my in-laws with zucchini/squash, Brussel sprouts, egg plant, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes...
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    Lack of sleep and a couple of fingers of Scotch had me looking through a number of old post and it got me a little sentimental. I've been fortunate to meet up with a decent number of members and am still amazed at the generosity. Whether it was a concrete floor and an outhouse or trash can...
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    Beers that have gone downhill............and some good solid locals.

    I think the decline is part fact and part perception. KBS went from being virtually unattainable, to the beer girl at Giant Eagle asking me if I wanted to buy a case. The increase in production may have led to lower quality, but it definitely effects my perception of what I'm drinking. At the...
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    Sous Vide Cooking

    Sous Vide chuck roast. Just need to keep an open mind about cook time (I've done 30 hours before). MAP gas works well but takes some practice. Cast Iron on the grill works well too, if you are not doing a bunch of things.
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    What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

    Trip down memory lane. This was one of my staples before it started winning gold medals. Now it's impossible to find in North Eastern Ohio
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    What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

    Stock photo but I have really been favoring scotchs lately
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    My two cents. A mil-spec lower is a mil-spec lower.... Mostly. I prefer Aero as it seems to be the right level of quality versus cost. I have Andersons, S&W and Ruger lowers as well, all of them go bang. The Ruger is super tight on the upper, but otherwise there is little difference between...
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    I'll keep an eye out.
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    COVID 19

    Pretty similar to my personal experience, smell and taste were really muted. Congestion cleared up after day two, would move plenty of air but almost zero sense of smell.