My name is Chad, Started Smoking Cigars in the late 90's because my friends all smoked cigarettes and I wasn't into that but wanted something to do while I was waiting. Well obviously I got hooked and the rest is history. I hit the cigar bar once every 2 weeks with a buddy of mine and we trade cigars with each other a lot to try new ones. I am always wanting to try new cigars, strength, cost, size, color don't matter when trying new things.

I love drinking Whiskey (Templeton, Angels Envy, Belle Meade, Makers) and other. I have tried a new scotches now (Thanks AVB for the ideas) and I just can't love it. I love port wine, especially Taylor Fladgate 20 year with my cigars, if you haven't tried it please do!!!!!!! Beer is honestly gross to me, yes I've tried a ton of different ones and I haven't loved any of them but I do keep trying. If you don't love something, why do it.

Recently bought 2 pipes (one from Raider) and I have started to learn that trade. I really suck at it currently, I smoke cigars faster than others so I find myself getting my tongue bit, plus I think its because I keep having to relight so I think if I puff more it will fix that. I am learning this slowly.

Recently tried and Enjoyed
- Liga Cubana No.5
- Tat Little Monsters
- A Fuente Grand Reserva (Hemingway signature natural)
- Undercrown - Thanks JD
- FFP - Man that's strong
- Tat Cabaiguan Guapos RX - Robusto Extra Natural
- Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature
- Buena Vista Edicion Limitado Maduro
- Liga Privada Lanceros
- Liga Privada No.9
- Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo Maduro
- God of Fire - Thanks Wkoti
- Opux X Fuente Fuente
- Opus X Angel Share
- Room 101 - OSOK

Want to Try
- Anything Cuban
- Man Of War
- Your favorite Cigar (I want to try as much as possible)

Cigars, College Football, Computers, Programming, Whiskey, Bourbon
Apr 13, 1980 (Age: 42)
Omaha, NE
Freight Broker


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