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    Happy Birthday Null Smurf

    Happy Birthday Pappa Smurf
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    It took thirty eight years...

    Congrats. New life is truly a gift from God.
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    RIP Smokyballs

    RIP Brad.
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    Prayers are being sent.
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    Johnny-O BHK 54

    I just ordered and received a nice selection from Johnny. I tried one so far and was very pleased. He provided great service and communication. I would definitely recommend his sticks to anyone who is on the fence.
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    Friends of CP Remembered

    Brian was without a doubt the most generous BOTL I have ever know. I still have great sticks he sent me. I just have a tough time smoking them. After reading this, it may be time to burn one in honor of all these great guys. Very nice job Rod.
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    Anniversary Contest

    Congrats on the anniversary, and thank for the contest. June 12, 2017 - 10:00pm central time.
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    1 Year Anniversay Contest!!

    Congrats on your time here. Thank you for the contest. My guess 246.
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    My prayers are with you and your family. Hang tough brother.
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    Brad - Keep the fight going. More prayers are headed your way.
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    Sharks vs Penguins NHL Stanley Cup Finals

    Wow - What a great selection of sticks. Thank you. I will be sure to enjoy them over the summer. May have one or two this weekend watching the US Open from Oakmont. Thanks again - terrific selection.
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    Sharks vs Penguins NHL Stanley Cup Finals

    Another great game - Pen's really shut down the Shark's in the 3rd period. Welcome home Lord Stanley.................
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    Sharks vs Penguins NHL Stanley Cup Finals

    If Jones were our goalie, it would be 5-0. LOL - One hour until game time. LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sharks vs Penguins NHL Stanley Cup Finals

    I agree 100%. The toughest game to win is the final one. Although, the Pens do look much faster on the ice. Great series so far. Pittsburgh hasn't had a championship win at home since Maz's home run in 1960. It would be nice to change that...............
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    RIP to the Greatest, the champ, Ali.

    Still remember listening to Ali/Frazier fight on my transistor radio. In his prime, there was no one better. Unfortunately, he probably fought 2-3 years longer than he should have. RIP